About Julian

Photo by :  Coley Media Co.

Photo by : Coley Media Co.

Julian Atkinson is a freelance photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta. Currently, he is travelling abroad in South-East Asia and is based in Malaysia.

His work as an artist takes him to many places around the world, reflecting his passion. Inspired by nature, his work focuses on landscape and outdoor adventure. 

"The outdoor world has inspired me ever since I was a child and I’m always searching for new offbeat landscapes, isolated regions and immersing myself within those environments. My goal is to bridge the gap between landscapes and people, by inspiring others to explore their surroundings and escape the routine. Life presents us with countless opportunities; embrace them and make it your reality."

Julian is available for hire nationally or internationally.

Interested in working together? Either fill out the contact form or send an email to julian@julianatk.com